Relationship Advice for Couples


A relationship is not easy even in the best marriages that you have ever come across in your life time.  Sometimes you will get stuck in too much distance or even too much intensity and blame but there is still ways to make it do get through your relationship.  Some fresh couple in relationship may end up breaking up due to arise of some issues and differences between them. Others will solve their differences and continue smoothly with their life.

If you are in love with your partner make sure you are the first one to change, then your partner will change with time hence going back to your normal relationship. We have many factors that may break your good relation with your fiance but still there is solution to make it right. Read about these factors from

In order to keep your relationship in the right truck, you have at least to make three positive comments every day if it possible or if not just make two to your partner. Always speak out to specific things that you admire on him or her. These comments should exceed critical ones by health margin.

In case you wrong your partner, you should make a step of apologizing and keep your head down even if you have lowest percentage of the mistake. You should not demand an apology to your partner when he or she makes a wrong because this will get into a war that can even be worse than it was there before. Wait until your partner comes back into his or her senses and cools down and after that your partner will realize there was a mistake done.  Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.  Learn more about relationship at

If you say you will do something to your partner, do it without a second thought and don’t assume you are overall contribution to your relationship for what you have agreed to. Stick to the rules that both of you have agreed and those thing you are prohibited in doing don’t do because they can lead to a war and break up follows.

To keep relationship running for those long distance couple, you should take some of your time and initiate in sex even though you don’t feel like it. If you have a good partner there is probably something that you can really do that would not be too terrible.  Relationship needs love and actions of love. Before you take a nap just whisper to you partner ears, “I love you” and see what the magic three words can do. Get some more advises at

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